Don’t Lose Yourself After Graduating College.

Finding work right after college is like searching for you all over again. You have to know what your strengths and weaknesses are. There are no apps or personality tests that will legitimately give you a full picture of your professional skills sets. However, when you get a job you’ll learn about your best abilities and how to apply them to your future, but until then apply, apply, apply. The worst part about applying to multiple jobs is the multiple declination you’ll receive. So be prepared to be denied and don’t get your hopes up too high when applying to those jobs. Also remember who you are and be honest with what makes you a professional. Keep in mind that there could be a hundred people applying for this same job, and you have to be competitive, there is no way around that. But you’re qualified!  I’ve pictured myself in every job I applied for and felt satisfied with every one of them; you see the best part about finding work right after college is, you’re looking for a career that’ll not only have a great salary and benefits, but also has many opportunities for you to develop professionally. College sets you up with the skills to continue your education as a professional in the area of your interest, hence why it’s important to know what you’re going to college for.

The worst thing you can do for yourself right after college is let yourself waste away. Don’t get caught up in the belief that you’ll find a job right away, because this could also happen when you’re working hard and submitting applications, networking by making phone calls and emails, and doing multiple interviews. And don’t get discouraged. With your college degree you are definitely more qualified than someone without a higher education, but if can’t prove that you have work experience that required you to have great communication skills, independent and team work experience, and the ability to write, you’re going to find yourself in immense self-doubt. This is why remembering what skills you already possess is important. You took general English, and have written papers for classes, and you have had to communicate with your professors. Don’t get caught up in self-loathing and embrace the skills you have developed in your course work. Include the work study job you have had. Also if you’re finding yourself sitting around after college because you’re broke and can’t find work, there are many opportunities to do volunteering. Your college education was not a waste of time and money. I believe you’re capable of getting multiple jobs to find yourself professionally.

So don’t give up on yourself. Go get organized, devise your personal strategy to accomplishing the best interview, the most well written cover letter, the most simplified but informative resume, and remember what your goals are. Good luck on your job searching!